Home and Ranch Solar Energy

24 KW off-grid system powering two 9-tower pivot systems and a home.

Grid-tied or off-grid options are available for any size pivot irrigation system.

1.62 KW off-grid system powering a well pump for a 4000 gal stock tank.

Home and Ranch Solar is leading the industry in agricultural applications.  We are the only company in the US providing affordable 480 volt/3 phase off-grid power for large-scale irrigation needs. 

We can design a solar installation for just about any need on a farm or ranch.  Tired of high electric or fuel costs?  We are the first in the industry to offer solar solutions for large scale irrigation or pumping systems.  We can set you up for full time solar energy production to offset the costs of irrigating your crops or keeping those stock tanks full.  Whether you need to power a 13-tower pivot system or a single stock tank - we have a system that is just right for you.  Our systems can be designed for either off-grid or grid-tied application.  So whatever your needs, we can deliver.

Agricultural Systems