I​nstallation is not included in Kit price

Kit #5 (OG-5)         $12,995

Six - 275 watt solar panels, Magnum 4000 watt 48 volt inverter system, eight Crown 6v 395ah batteries. This kit will power a year round home for 1-3 people. Provides 120/240vac power for lighting, vacuum, washer, kitchen appliances, and microwave, DC or 120/240vac well pump, TV, VCR, stereo and small power tools. 

In sunny climates, this kit would support a small DC refrigerator. During northern winters, the generator supplements battery charging while using high loads.

Recommended generator 7000 watts or higher. 

Kit #1 (OG-1)         $139.95

​One - 5 watt solar panel, 3 LED lights with hangers, and a lithium battery pack. The battery also has the ability to charge a cell phone via a USB port.


Kit #3 (OG-3)         $2,495

Two -150 watt solar panels, a 1500 watt 12 volt inverter, and two Trojan T-105 batteries.

This system will power 120 volt AC system for medium loads with non-sensitive electronics like laptop charging, cordless tool charging, toaster,
led lights, and radio.  Expandable to 4 module and 4-6 batteries.

Recommended generator size of 3000 watts or higher. 


Kits 3-6  include a Magnum inverter system, Magnum charge control system,  Magnum auto generator start system, solar panels with 20-25 year production warranty, roof mount system for the solar panels, (contact us for quotes on a ground mount system if roof mount is not going to work) all wiring and breakers needed to safely install the system is included along with diagrams to install.


Kit #4 (OG-4)         $5,295

Four - 190 watt solar panels, Magnum 2000 watt 12 volt inverter, and six Crown 225ah batteries.  This system will use a pure sine wave inverter that is safe for all modern electronics.  The kit produces sufficient power for TV, VCR, or Satellite receiver, stereo, and limited use of vacuum, hand held power tools, computer, blender, and DC powered well pump.

Recommended generator size of 3000 watt or higher.


Kit #6 (OG-6)         $29,995

Eighteen - 275 watt solar panels, Dual 4400 watt 48 volt inverter system, and twelve 4v 1100ah industrial batteries.

This system will provide enough power to run a small home business with office and computers all day, or a work bench and shop tools.  Plus all the usual residential power described in the previous kit.

Recommended generator size of 7000 watts or higher. 


Kit #2 (OG-2)         $3,395

​Three-190 watt solar panels and a Yeti 1250 solar generator with everything needed to hook it up for recharging. This system is setup with a quick disconnect so the Yeti can be taken with you.

Most people fit into the middle range of Kit 2 - 5.  Remember that each of these kits is just a suggestion and can be customized to meet your specific solar needs.

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