Home and Ranch Solar Energy

6.84 KW residential system in Moscow, Idaho.

Matt set him up with a solar panel array and inverter system that is capable of producing 480v/3 phase power from solar.  This is the first system of its kind in the United States and has a battery system to store energy during the day so that the pumps can run 24 hours a day with a generator only as a backup.

Lemhi Valley Pivot Project

​A rancher in the Lemhi Valley was having a hard time keeping his 3000 gal stock tank full.  He was using a diesel generator to run the pump and it was always having issues.  It was critical that the tank stay full, especially during the winter.  He contacted Home and Ranch Solar and Matt set him up with a 1.62KW solar array and Grundfos pump system that can run on either pure DC power from the solar array or AC power from a back up generator.  A tank monitoring system was installed that can be accessed either from a smart phone or computer - so there are no more wasted trips to check the tank levels.

He was so happy with the pump system, he decided to get rid of a couple more generators.  He has an off-grid home that they were powering with a generator and he really didn't like the noise.  To make it more interesting, he threw two pivot systems with a total of 17 towers that was also running on a generator.