Home and Ranch Solar Energy

We offer solar kits to fit a variety of lifestyles and budgets.  The kits we have described here are completely customizable to meet your specific needs.  We suggest that you browse through the kits and determine which one is similar to what you are looking for, then make changes for your unique needs.  Sizing your system does not have to be precise.  Solar modules can be added at any time - or a backup generator can supplement charging when there is a shortfall.  You can start with a small system suitable for a weekend cabin or a small budget - then add as your needs increase or your family grows.

It is sometimes tempting to start with the generator, batteries, and inverter while postponing the solar modules until later.  We caution against this.  It is better to start with enough solar modules to do what you need.  If budget is limiting, start with one-third or one-half of the necessary solar modules and add more in subsequent years.  Even partial solar charging avoids battery problems and saves generator time by adding many hours of slow and easy charging.

We can help you determine which kit is the best place to start and how to customize or add to it later.